Physical Activity

Get Moving! Being fit includes keeping your muscles, bones, and joints as active and healthy as possible. The links in this section provide information on technology to make being active fun, tracking sheets for the physical activity challenges in this program, as well as other educational resources.

Top 7 Reasons to be Active:

  1. Exercise boosts our energy. Often times, we are too “tired” to be active, even though regular physical activity can produce the opposite effect. It improves circulation and delivers oxygen and nutrients to our body tissues.
  2. Exercise helps control our weight. It can prevent excess weight gain and maintains weight loss. Turning body fat into muscle can create a lasting positive effect on your metabolism! Burn those calories!
  3. Exercise prevents and manages many health conditions and diseases. Staying active can boost our HDL cholesterol and decrease our triglyceride levels, as well as our blood pressure. Regular exercise has also been linked to decrease risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, types of cancer, depression and arthritis.
  4. Exercise helps us stay coordinated and improve flexibility. This can help prevent injury in a variety of ways. Adding in weight-bearing exercise as well as stretching can make your work out well-rounded.
  5. Exercise improves our sleep and our mood. Being active can help us relax, improve self-confidence and deal with stress. You get enough sleep, you feel better. Exercise helps endorphins to kick in; a natural “feel good”.
  6. Exercise can improve immune function and aerobic capacity. Without regular activity, you could lose up to 10% of your aerobic capacity per decade of life. Keep your lungs in shape and pumping oxygen! Having a regular exercise routine can also build immunity to ward off many types of illnesses.
  7. Exercise is fun. Whether you prefer to work out solo or with a group, enjoy the time to move. Connect with family and friends and build a healthy body. Image result for healthy lifestyle.
The Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine ALL recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.
ACSM Recommendations CDC Recommendations

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