SMART Nutrition and Wellness Resources

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  1. MyFitnessPal (Android, iOS, Windows Phone; Free)  

    This app functions as an easy to use calorie and nutrients counter with a database that contains more than 2 million foods. Easily look up and track the foods you're consuming with the help of a barcode scanner as well as a recipe calculator for inputting custom meals. Track exercises, set diet goals and sync your activity with Fitbit varieties and across multiple devices.
    Learn More: MyFitnessPal

  2. Lose It! (Android, iOS; Free)  

    Lose It! is another excellent nutrition and exercise logging tool. Simply enter a few details about yourself such as weight, height and goal weight, and the app will help you come up with a daily calorie budget. The app makes tracking your food intake easy, with barcode scanners for grocery items, as well as an extensive database of dishes and restaurant meals. The app also has an exercise tracking feature, which syncs data with other exercise apps to help log your routine.
    Learn More: Lose It!

  3. MyPlate Tracker (Android, iOS, Free)  

    This app gives users the ability to look-up and customize their MyPlate food plan and provides information to help determine which foods belong to which group and equivalency tables. Users can enter their age, gender and physical activity level to quickly see the recommendations from nutrition experts. The Daily Food Plan allows you to see how much of each food group you should be eating for a healthy, balanced diet.
    Learn More: MyPlate Tracker

  4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret (Android, iOS, Windows Phone; Free)  

    Calorie Counter by FatSecret offers a solid package of tools for calorie conscious dieters: a barcode scanner for food nutritional info, a food and exercise diary, a weight chart, and meal and recipe ideas. Additionally, users can also sync their data online to their FatSecret account to access online and across multiple devices. 
    Learn More: Calorie Counter by FatSecret

  5. Fooducate (Android, iOS; Free)   

    Fooducate helps you shop and eat healthy by allowing you to quickly pull up nutritional information about food products from barcodes, as well as by helping you make sense of nutritional labels. The app displays a letter grade from A to D, along with a quick summary of nutrition information in plain language, as well as healthy alternative suggestions. If users cook their own meals or eat out, you can also manually enter a meal's nutritional information. In addition, the app also doubles as an intake, calorie and exercise tracker.
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Lifestyle Habits

Parent Category: Operation Overhaul 2.0

A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside!

Your lifestyle habits have a huge influence on your daily life!  OO 2.0 aims to help you put all the pieces together – to build a foundation to a stronger and healthier you. Please use the links to find out more information on sleep, stress management, tobacco cessation and financial freedom.

Do you get enough sleep? Think about how you function during the day if you didn’t sleep well the night before.

Do you feel stressed? Stress at work or at home greatly impact how you feel day to day. Managing your stress and getting enough sleep are two easy ways to help you feel happier and healthier.

How do you save money? Do you have plan? Check out some of our resources to help.

Learn More: Sara Zook, RD-CD Clinical/Outpatient Dietitian & Diabetes Instructor, Nutrition & Diabetes Services
Office: 920-623-1545 
Fax: 920-623-1250 

Diet & Nutrition

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Eat Smart!

Balanced nutrition is a key factor to feeling great and maintaining a healthy weight. Good nutrition is an integral part of our well-being. Please use the links in this section to learn more about healthy eating (aka – how to get the most out of your calories), smart nutrition technology and tips for shopping, cooking and planning.

Many people frequently eat foods that are high in fats, salt and added sugars. Consuming these in excess contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure and heart disease. Focus on replacing less healthy foods with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein (beans, fish, chicken breast, dairy).

Maintaining a healthy body weight is important because your risk for many diseases is increased if you are overweight. A modest 3-10% weight loss if you are overweight offers many benefits, including:

  1. Decrease insulin resistance
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides
  4. Raise good cholesterol
  5. Decrease pain & stress on joints

Eat Smart Tips:

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  2. Don’t forget about water.
  3. Don’t be “dense” – think about hidden calories in things like condiments, sugary beverages and snack foods.
  4. Be a protein pro – incorporate a source of lean protein into all 3 meals each day.
  5. Be mindful of your portions and sit down to eat a meal.
  6. Think fresh – most of the healthy foods we need are not in a package or box.

Learn More: Sara Zook, RD-CD Clinical/Outpatient Dietitian & Diabetes Instructor, Nutrition & Diabetes Services
Office: 920-623-1545
Fax: 920-623-1250

Operation Overhaul 2.0

Parent Category: Operation Overhaul 2.0
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Participant Program Guidelines

 Progam Guidelines 2017-2018

Operation Overhaul Contacts


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can an employee join the program throughout the year?  

    No, unfortunately this program is based on pre and post-assessments and skills tests. The validity of this information would be altered with participants joining half way through the program. They may read and use the information provided and attend education sessions offered, however, they will not be eligible to earn points for prizes. The single exception for this is employees on FMLA. Upon return, you should notify your company’s OO 2.0 coordinator immediately of your desire to participate.

  2. What if I am unable to exercise due to an injury or disability?  

    If you have medical restrictions, please notify us at your initial assessment or contact one of the CCH team members. If you are unable to participate in any type of physical activity, a Health Care Provider’s Excuse would be required. This would allow you to complete a variety of wellness and health related Self-Learning Modules provided by CCH as a way to earn points. If you have certain physical or mobility restrictions, an alternative form of exercise will be provided (chair exercise, stretching, strengthening) by our Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer.

  3. What if I am unable to attend a Lunch or Learn session or other event?  

    For those participants that are unable to attend an event during their work time or day off; the presentation will be available in a print out, with a set of quiz questions attached. If completed, you will be eligible for points, as compared to those who attended.

  4. When do I hand in activities for points?  

    Each activity, quiz or presentation offered will have a “due by” date. You will be notified of this due date along with the materials, via email or other notification on-site. You can also find this information on your Point System handout.

  5. Can my family members join?  

    No, unfortunately family members cannot join the program and earn points for prizes. They are also not eligible for a physical assessment. However, we encourage you to have them participate in all of the learning activities offered, as well as attend any off-site events sponsored by CCH. If you feel they would benefit from a service offered by CCH, please contact one of our team members and we can assist with referrals. Most types of services (Dietitian, Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Smoking Cessation) require a physician’s order.

  6. I would like to quit smoking. How can I participate in the Smoking Cessation program?  

    The CCH Smoking Cessation program is taught from “Freedom from Smoking” curriculum from the American Lung Association. For additional information or to register, contact your company’s OO 2.0 coordinator.