Attendance & Time Guidelines

    1. This program is a voluntary wellness program through your employer and Columbus Community Hospital. 
    2. If you choose to participate, time to complete your pre & post-assessments at the beginning and end of the first year are mandatory. 
    3. Attendance of Lunch & Learn’s, education sessions, weigh-ins and other on-site activities are highly encouraged to achieve greater success. Please work with your supervisor to ensure that you are able to attend these events. 
    4. Many other activities of the program (log tracking, monthly challenges, online activities, quizzes, community events) are considered to be completed on your personal time. 
    5. If you are unable to attend an event or activity due to work shift or other time constraint, you will be given the opportunity to read through the materials presented and complete a quiz for points. 
    6. Activities and events planned outside of your place of employment are open to family members; however, they are not eligible for points and/or prizes. Please feel free to share program materials with family members; however, please do not duplicate the materials for other reasons, as they are considered proprietary and property of CCH. 
    7. If you have additional health needs outside of the scope of this program, we can assist you with appropriate medical resources in your community. 
 Attendance & Time Guidelines

Logs & Forms Submissions

  • Various challenges and activities throughout this program will include tracking information of some kind. 
  • Please refer to this sheet to see how or to whom each log should be handed in.
  • Logs and forms can be scanned and emailed to an individual below, or paper copies can be turned in to your supervisor.
  • An “inbox” for OO 2.0 materials will be established at your place of employment. 
  • You may also contact us if you would like to check your point status throughout the program, or verify that an activity you completed was received. 
  • Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding specific activities or logs. 
 Logs & Forms Submissions

Physical Limitations/Medical Waiver

If you are unable to participate in any form of physical activity due to personal injury, health condition or other, you must provide a Health Care Provider’s Excuse, prior to the start of the program.

With a Health Care Provider’s Excuse, you will be offered Self-Learning Modules on various Health & Wellness Topics to complete as an alternative during physical activity challenges.

Participation in this program is voluntary and each participant assumes any and all risks involved with participation in the program and associated activities. The program terms and conditions may be changed by CCH or your employer without prior notice.

 Physical Limitations Medical Waiver