Operation Overhaul 2.0

E. K. Machine 
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 44.87  65.10  93.89  131.40
Robbins Manufacturing 
IP #1 IP #2  IP #3 FINAL 
 36.82  47.94 55.44  94.89
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Participant Program Guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can an employee join the program throughout the year?  

    No, unfortunately this program is based on pre and post-assessments and skills tests. The validity of this information would be altered with participants joining half way through the program. They may read and use the information provided and attend education sessions offered, however, they will not be eligible to earn points for prizes. The single exception for this is employees on FMLA. Upon return, you should notify your company’s OO 2.0 coordinator immediately of your desire to participate.

  2. What if I am unable to exercise due to an injury or disability?  

    If you have medical restrictions, please notify us at your initial assessment or contact one of the CCH team members. If you are unable to participate in any type of physical activity, a Health Care Provider’s Excuse would be required. This would allow you to complete a variety of wellness and health related Self-Learning Modules provided by CCH as a way to earn points. If you have certain physical or mobility restrictions, an alternative form of exercise will be provided (chair exercise, stretching, strengthening) by our Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer.

  3. What if I am unable to attend a Lunch or Learn session or other event?  

    For those participants that are unable to attend an event during their work time or day off; the presentation will be available in a print out, with a set of quiz questions attached. If completed, you will be eligible for points, as compared to those who attended.

  4. When do I hand in activities for points?  

    Each activity, quiz or presentation offered will have a “due by” date. You will be notified of this due date along with the materials, via email or other notification on-site. You can also find this information on your Point System handout.

  5. Can my family members join?  

    No, unfortunately family members cannot join the program and earn points for prizes. They are also not eligible for a physical assessment. However, we encourage you to have them participate in all of the learning activities offered, as well as attend any off-site events sponsored by CCH. If you feel they would benefit from a service offered by CCH, please contact one of our team members and we can assist with referrals. Most types of services (Dietitian, Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Smoking Cessation) require a physician’s order.

  6. I would like to quit smoking. How can I participate in the Smoking Cessation program?  

    The CCH Smoking Cessation program is taught from “Freedom from Smoking” curriculum from the American Lung Association. For additional information or to register, contact your company’s OO 2.0 coordinator. http://www.lung.org/stop-smoking/join-freedom-from-smoking/

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