Support and guidance offered for cancer patients and caregivers

Two support groups are available to cancer patients and their support persons through Columbus Community Hospital and the American Cancer Society. Cathy Butterbrodt, RNC, CBPN-I; ONC, Breast Health Nurse Specialist and Cancer Navigation Specialist at Columbus Community Hospital coordinates both groups.

Look Good Feel Better, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, is a two-hour class aimed at teaching women (who are going through cancer) about skin care, make up, wigs, scarves, turbans, and nail care. The session is led by a trained cosmetologist, Brenda Swaagman.

“Each participant receives a kit that is customized to their skin tone,” explained Butterbrodt. “It is a fun laid back class, specific to women who have had or are currently going through cancer treatment.”

Butterbrodt said that when women are going through cancer, their skin goes through a lot of changes. “The session provides you with a fun way to rejuvenate and feel good about yourself.”

Women learn how to put on eyebrows that they have lost, moisturize their skin, and put on your makeup.

“When people leave the class, they are all made up, ready to rock and take on the town,” said Butterbrodt.

“The experience gives you some control over what is going on with your body. It allows you to take control of yourself in an uncontrollable situation,” said Butterbrodt. “It’s also provides interaction with other women that are experiencing the same challenges.”

For more information or to register for the Look Good Feel Better program, call Cathy at 920-623-6434.

Look Good Feel Better – Helping Women with Cancer Sponsored by the American Cancer Society

Tuesdays, 6-8 p.m. at Columbus Community Hospital in the Emerald Room

September 11

November 13

RSVP Required.

Please call Cathy at 920 623-6434

A cancer support group, sponsored by Columbus Community Hospital and hosted at the Columbus Public Library is open to men and women who are going through cancer or are in remission and their support persons.

“We often have speakers come in and discuss specific topics,” said Butterbrodt. “I try to deep it upbeat so that we can learn how to better ourselves during a difficult time.”

Butterbrodt explained that those who attend the support group are all in different stages of their journey. Some may have been just diagnosed, some may be going through treatment and some may be in remission.

“I have some group participants who have been in remission for 5 or 6 years. They feel that they can add to the group or may need support themselves,” said Butterbrodt. “Sharing your experiences gives you a sense of being helped and helping others.”

Group participants are not required to register or attend on a regular basis and are not required to talk or share information. “They can just come and listen, if they would like,” said Butterbrodt.

The group is also beneficial for support people so they have a better understanding of what their loved one is dealing with during their journey.

Butterbrodt encourages anyone who has questions about the group to call her at 920-623-6434.

Cancer Support Group

Thursdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm

Columbus Library Ground Floor Meeting Room, located at 223 W. James St., Columbus, WI 53925

October 11

December 13

Please call Cathy at 920 623-6434 with any questions.